Handmade in Italy

Pocket Squares

Our impressive pocket squares have been handmade in Italy and are equipped with beautiful patterns as well as handrolled edges. Their rich and vibrant colours make it the perfect versatile accessory for all lovers of highest quality pocket squares.

100% Handmade

Our devotion to the product

All our products are made with absolute precision and dedication by the most talented artisans in Italy and the United Kingdom. Still manufactured completely by hand with love and devotion we only believe in sustainable and traditional ways of production. We cherry-pick the most exclusive fabrics from the best mills in the world and deftly negotiate the tensions between irreverence and sophistication, tradition and innovation as well as the past and the present.

100% Como inspired

La città della seta

Inspired by the centre of the Italian silk industry, Como, the surrounding lake as well as Italian lifestyle in the 50 ́s and 60 ́s Brunati Como fuses skilled Italian craftsmanship with an avant-garde, revolutionary spirit. Creating timeless and unique pieces lies in the heart of our foundation.

A reason why most of our silk comes from mills in and around Como that we frequently visit on our journey to supply you with the most exclusive and limited accessories available. Bringing together rich traditions of artisanal craftsmanship, unrivaled design, and the highest quality materials to form exquisite objects of desire.

100% timeless styles

Modern gentleman inspiration

When we consider our most referenced inspirations, iconic style icons of classic Hollywood are the first to come to our mind. Thinking of Jean- Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon and Cary Grant we pay homage to preppy style and ivy league in our collections.

Exquisitely made by hand in Italy, our collection elevates everyday essentials with meticulously crafted details.

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