The beauty of Silk Grenadine Ties

Silk Grenadine Ties are probably the modern day gentlemen’s favorite sartorial accessory and no gentleman championed the Grenadine Tie more so than Mr. Sean Connery in his lifetime role as James Bond.

Brunati Como Grenadine Tie

Ultra versatile for both formal and more casual combinations this very special silk weave adds a personality to anyone’s outfit. It is characterized by its open, light, gauze like feel, and is produced exclusively on historic wooden jacquard looms from the late 19th century in the Lake Como area. It´s earliest known use was in the form of black lace fabric worn in 18th century France.  

Garza Fina Ties

Grenadine ties mostly appear in two varieties: Garza Grossa (large gauze) and Garza Fina (fine gauze). 

Garza Grossa (large gauze) ties certainly carry a more visible texture (comparable to a knitted tie but more versatile). This allows the tie knot to be slightly larger compared to Garza Fina ties and creates a less formal look.

Garza Grossa Pink Grenadine Tie

Garza Fina (fine gauze) ties on the other hand are more formal as the texture is less visible and they create a smaller knot - perfect for office days or ceremonial occasions.

Grenadine Formal Tie

Brunati Como offers a great selection of both Garza Grossa and Garza Fina ties in different colors as well as solid, striped and patterned versions. We pay special attention to detail in our Grenadine collection that we offer in untipped, handrolled constructions. The construction allows a remarkable see through effect at the tip, a great dimpled tie knot and adds that “sprezzatura” look to your outfit.

Brunati Como Untipped