About Shantung Silk Ties

Shantung Silk is almost unknown to most of the general public. However it has developed to an essential when it comes to a gentlemans wardrobe. 

Shantung is a type of silk fabric with characteristic irregular ridges known as slubs. Despite its subtly irregular texture, fabric connoisseurs consider shantung to be the gold standard of silk fabrics and this textile is a popular choice for high-end luxury ties.

Originally from the Chinese province of Shantung - Shantung Silk has a textured appearance, is woven with flamed yarns that give the fabric a slightly fluted surface and is considered a wild silk.

Shantung Silk Tie Brunati Como

Like many silk fabrics, shantung is crisp, and its lightness causes it to drape elegantly.

What many people do not know is that shantung is produced by the help of silkworms that feed on oak leaves and mulberry trees. Silkworm cocoons are collected and later boiled to loosen their fibers. Finding the loose end is essential so that in a later process the fiber of one cocoon is attached to the other so that the twisted spring results in a yarn. The yarns are woven together giving it a slightly irregular appearance - the typical result - that we love so much about shantung silk.

Shantung ties are light to wear, airy, irregular and give an elegant yet contemporary appearance. Shantung ties are perfect for both casual and elegant outfit combinations during summer and winter time.

Shantung Silk Tie Navy