Brunati Como

3-Fold Plain Silk Grenadine Garza Grossa - Black


Handmade in Italy

Fabric: 100% Como Silk Grenadine Garza Grossa 

Length: 150cm (59 inches)

Width: 8cm (3.15 inches)

Construction: Threefold, handrolled edges, untipped

About this tie 

The grenadine silk for our ties is woven in the Lake Como area on historic wooden looms from the 20th century. There are only two existing companies all over Italy producing this very special silk in such a high quality and both supply us. Versatile and understated this very special silk weave will always give an elegant twist to your outfit. You will find two variations – Garza Fina (fine gauze) and Garza Grossa (large gauze). Our grenadine ties are made in a threefold construction with a perfectly balanced interlining. Due to an untipped construction this tie will make you stand out in relaxed sartorial elegance allowing a subtle elegant knot. Fully handmade in Italy from the best skilled artisans it is untipped with meticulously handrolled edges that require an absolute detail to perfection and experience in the manufacturing process.

About the construction

Imagine your beloved unstructured jacket. It is soft and elegant with a downplayed touch. It wears light and comfortable while meeting the needs of the modern gentleman. Our untipped ties are just like that unstructured casual jacket. Untipped ties are those where the back of the blade tips have not been closed with fabric. By removing the tipping (the fabric used to line the backside of a tie) we achieve a wonderful dimpled knot that is ideal for a contemporary look.

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