Elegance never goes out of style

Brunati Como´s mission is to supply modern gentleman with products that never go out of style. Sustainable products that can be worn for different occasions always adding special and elegant twists to any outfit. 

Beautifully designed, exquisitely detailed, and constructed with the utmost artisanal precision, each Brunati Como piece evinces a perfect balance of classic and contemporary influences: quietly unexpected, undeniably beautiful, and completely timeless.

The brand’s distinguishing features lie in their unique styling, exquisite detailing, and unparalleled craftsmanship. The immense traditional knowledge of the craftsmen, many of whom have spent a lifetime honing their skills, is complemented with the most sustainable manufacturing techniques and material advancements. This arduous production process, refined over time and passed down generation to generation, ensures that each Brunati Como product is a perfect piece.

We believe that the tie is a crucial accessory to give that special twist to any outfit. It is the first accessory of any outfit people notice and in our opinion it must reflect the modern needs of the gentleman. 

Certainly a tie is a “must wear” in different businesses or for formal occasions but we would like it to be a “want wear” for both elegant and less formal occasions.

We achieve that by offering our sartorial handmade untipped ties (the back part is not closed with fabric) instead we use a very balanced thin interlining from either wool or cotton or both - these ties always have handrolled edges.

This construction will on one side lead to a very special and beautiful drape but also allows a perfect tie knot that is less bulky and has a nice dimple.



On the other hand we give our customers a great selection of different fabrics for different occasions - for example an Ancient Madder silk tie for more formal outfits or a Silk Shantung tie for more adventurous styles with a cardigan or leather jacket.


Summer days are perfect for a light Grenadine Garza Fina (fine gauze) or Garza Grossa (large gauze) silk tie and your autumn winter styles are good for both soft wool and luxury cashmere ties. We hope that you like our fabrics that we handpick in limited quantities from the best mills in the world to form them into limited luxury ties by our artisans in our workshop in Italy.