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Copyright Brunati Como 2024. All rights reserved. All the materials contained in this website, including (but not limited to) illustrations and texts as well as the design are copyright law property of Brunati Como, Thomas Ziegler GbR, Columbusstrasse 76, 40549 Duesseldorf, Federal Republic of Germany. If no references to the contrary exist, you should also presuppose that everything which you can see or read on this website has been protected by copyright. Propagation of or changing the contents of these sites, including so-called framing and other measures, is not permitted. In addition, this content may not be copied, propagated, changed or made accessible to third parties for commercial purposes. Links to the sites on the website of Brunati Como may only be placed following matching approval by Brunati Como. Use of text and file contents from this website is permitted if the use is exclusively for informative, non-commercial and personal use and the documents used are neither placed nor copied on network computers or third parties’ computers nor propagated in other media; in addition, the documents must remain unchanged, be provided with a copyright statement and a reference to these terms and conditions of use on all copies. Outside this permission for use, use has been expressly forbidden. Any unpermitted use of the contents of this website may breach copyright, trademark, competition law or other statutory regulations and be punished under penal law. If you breach these terms and conditions, your entitlement to use this website is automatically forfeited. In such a case, you shall be obliged to destroy all the contents which you have downloaded or printed, as the case may be, without delay. 

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Brunati Como® is a registered trademark. To the extent not stated to the contrary, Brunati Como® is the owner of all the trademarks used on the website. Use and application of all trademarks, logos and signs owned by Brunati Como® has been forbidden for third parties. 

  1. Liability

The information provided to you by Brunati Como on this website is put together with the greatest possible care and is permanently updated. Despite most careful control, freedom from errors cannot be guaranteed (this counts among other things also towards the pictures/media we provide on our website which are provided with utmost care to display real life colors, textures, patterns etc.).    Brunati Como therefore rules out any liability with a view to precision, completeness and topicality of the information provided on this website. Use of the contents provided on the websites is done at the user’s sole risk. Brunati Como reserves the right to make changes or improvements with a view to this website and the products and services described on it at any time. Downloading of pictures and texts is done at your own risk. To the extent admissible by law, Brunati Como shall not be liable for damage resulting from a download. Despite current virus checks, liability for damage and impairment as a result of computer viruses has been ruled out within the framework of the statutory regulations.

  1. Links

Any connection to another site and any reference to third parties’ products or services is neither an express nor a tacit approval of the contents to which reference is made in the case in question by Brunati Como; in addition, the reference may not be interpreted as consent. Any questions in connection with the linking to other sites and their contents should be addressed to the “operator” of this website. 

  1. Cookies

When you visit the Brunati Como website, it is possible that information in the form of cookies is stored on your computer. When you next visit, they automatically recognise your computer again. For example, cookies make it possible to adapt a website to your interests or to store your password so that you do not have to enter it again every time. If you do not want your computer to be recognised again, set your internet browser such that it deletes cookies from the hard disk of your computer, blocks all cookies or warns you before a cookie is stored.

  1. Data protection reference 

It is a matter of course for Brunati Como that we deal with your personal data responsibly and maintain confidentiality of the data disclosed to us in connection with the use of these sites. For this reason, we would like to inform you that your personal data are stored in automated files and are processed and used to deal with your contact complying with the valid national and European data protection directives. In general, Brunati Como does not demand any statements of personal data in order to be able to make use of the website. Users can access the site without a specific registration. You can find further information about data protection under

  1. No licence

If no regulations to the contrary are contained herein, no licence or right to use for any trademark, copyright or other property and ownership rights is granted by the contents of this website without written consent from Brunati Como or affected third parties which possess the trademark, copyright or other property and ownership rights in question which are presented or used in connection with this website, either expressly or implicitly or by forfeiture, to the extent that they are presented or used by Brunati Como in connection with this website. Any misuse of the trademark, copyright or other property and ownership rights presented or used in connection with this website is forbidden.

  1. Deliveries and acquisition of rights by Brunati Como in deliveries

All statements, proposals, creative ideas, graphics, comments, notifications, lists, data, concepts and other information sent, disclosed, presented or offered to Brunati Como via or in connection with this website (hereinafter “deliveries”) shall be deemed forwarded on a non-confidential and non-copyright law basis. With a view to said transmissions, ownership is additionally transferred to Brunati Como and a free, irrevocable licence, unlimited in every regard, is granted in the cases in which ownership to the deliveries cannot be assigned. Brunati Como is not obliged to examine the deliveries, to treat them as confidential, to make any indemnification payments for the deliveries or to reply to any deliveries. You guarantee that none of your deliveries breaches third parties’ rights, including all and any copyrights, trademark rights or other protective rights, such as patent rights or business secrets, also not the private sphere or any other personal rights or property rights of third parties, and hold Brunati Como harmless against all claims by third parties to this extent. Reservations of rights to the contrary shall not lead to a modification of the regulations agreed above. For this reason, Brunati Como shall have the right to use the deliveries extensively and without limitation in any regard in its own free discretion.