Brunati Como

7-Fold Plain Pure Cashmere Luxury Tie - Blue


Handmade in Italy

Fabric: 100% Cashmere

Length: 150cm (59 inch)

Width: 8cm (3 inch)

Construction: Sevenfold, unlined, handrolled edges, untipped

About this tie

This luxury cashmere tie is made in a sevenfold construction. It is handmade using exclusively the fabric of the tie which is folded seven times to create the body of the tie before being finished. No interlining is used. This requires a much larger piece of fabric as it is not made with interior lining as three fold ties are. Two mother of pearl buttons hold the backside of the tie together. Only a handful companies in the world are able to make seven fold ties. The making takes 45 minutes by a dedicated artisan. Due to an untipped construction this tie will make you stand out in relaxed sartorial elegance allowing a subtle elegant knot. It is equipped with handrolled hems that require an absolute detail to perfection and experience in the manufacturing process. A pure luxury tie.


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